Shalimar Luis
Art & Art Direction
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Paintings, Drawings, Illustrations you know - art stuff


Branding, Identity, Web Design and other designy things


Greetings! My name is Shalimar Luis. I'm a multidisciplinary designer & illustrator based in New York. My experience ranges from marketing and branding to UX and product design. I am currently an Art Director at Kettle in Soho. Read More »


Connect with me on your favorite social media site to get musings, updates, art in process pics and the occasional puppy pic.

Art for sale!
From custom painted skateboards to original paintings and prints, check out my shop. Commissions avaliable upon request.
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Recent and Upcoming Projects:

A Stream of Unconciousness
Personal Project A collection of automatic drawings and doodles created in the span of 9 months brought together in one long and seamless side scrolling website. Learn more about this project at my blog. View project »

Secret Life of the Octopus
Personal ProjectThe Secret Life of the Octopus is a series of paintings and drawings depicting an adventerous little cephalapod. There is more to the octopus than meets the eye, follow this feisty fellow on all its adventures and hijinks. View Project »
ABC's in Space
Personal Project ABC's in Space is project very close to my heart, combining science and art, I am working to create an alphabet book highlighting different celestial terms with corresponding paintings.
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